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The Website of Geoff Connor - Travel
Geoff Connor is a world traveler who loves the classic and the exotic, the luxurious and the rustic.
Geoff first traveled overseas as an 11 year old boy with his mother to visit a distant cousin on the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom. He later lived in the U.K. as a student and part time analyst for the British Government. Following law school he went all over Europe with a buddy, joining with a tour part of the time and on their own part of the time. After that the travel became more exotic with a trip to Belize, later Costa Rica, then Australia and then out of control. He has now visited 65 countries on every continent except Antarctica (and it's on the list!).
Exotic visits have included Pakistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Sudan, Swaziland, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Brazil and Malaysia.

Luxurious destinations have included Monte Carlo, Geneva, Venice, Dubai, Tokyo, Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

Geoff is a member of Most Traveled People and aspires to the Travelers Century Club, requiring a visit to 100 countries.

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