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The Website of Geoff Connor - Charities
In 2005, Connor participated in a mission trip with his church to the Southern Diocese of Malawi in Africa. He worked on a variety of community aid projects and stayed with a local host family. Upon return, Geoff and others formed a new charity, Warm Heart International (www.warmheartinternational.org), folded it into the Episcopal Church and devoted themselves to drilling water wells, provided educational materials, health supplies and other relief to the needy, especially the rural poor, in southern Malawi.

Connor is a Master Mason and belongs to University Lodge #1190 in Austin, Texas. He comes from a line of Masons on both his parents' sides going back at least to great-great grandfathers. He proudly has his grandfather's Masonic ring and his great-grandfather's Masonic tie pin.

Connor is an alumni of the Texas Lyceum, a prestigious nonpartisan public policy group. He was an active director from 1995-2001, and has remained committed to the organization (www.texaslyceum.org). He helped from a related group, the Confucian Lyceum which is focused on a partnership between Texas and American leaders and the Central Party School of China.

Connor was selected by the American Council of Young Political Leaders (www.acypl.org) n 2002 to participate in a mission to El Salvador and Nicaragua. The group of up and coming politicians met with high level business and political leaders in both countries. Connor remains a Life Member of ACYPL.

Connor was asked by the International Republican Institute (www.iri.org) to serve as an official election observer for the U.S. in Liberia in 2005. He traveled twice to the country, first on a political assessment mission and later for the elections, the first free elections in Liberia, where Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected president. Connor has subsequently served as an official observer for the presidential elections in Georgia (2008) and in Ukraine (2010).

Connor is on the board of directors of the Asia Society - Texas Branch. He has served on the board since 2005 and has been active in the Society's many programs and initiatives including the capital campaign for Asia House.

Connor is a member of the Royal Society of St. George - Texas Branch, a hereditary organization for people of British descent. He has British blood on both sides but especially maternal where his great-great grandfather immigrated from the Isle of Wight, settling at San Marcos, Texas and becoming a U.S. citizen in 1896.

Connor is a member of the Priory of St. Matthew of the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (Knights Templar). He serves as the Avocat and has been decorated with the Service Medal and twice promoted in the Order.

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